Homemade Chinese Food With A Difference

Enjoy authentic Szechuan and Beijing cuisine made with fresh local Halifax ingredients.
Friday Lunch Buffet (11:30 am – 2:30 pm)

Take Out & Delivery
Free Delivery on Food Orders over $25.00

Cheelin refers to imaginary animals, like festival dragons, which are very important to Chinese culture. Cheelin can also refer to “lucky stars”. Enjoy our hospitality and our food. If there is anything we can do to make your meal more pleasurable, please let us know. If for any reason you do not enjoy a dish that you have chosen we will be glad to make another one to replace it at no extra cost.

Fanny Chen came to Canada in 1989; she studied cooking in China and learned more after her arrival in this country. In 1995, she and her husband Mark converted part of the brewery building into a small but charming restaurant with warm, inviting service, meticulous cooking and lively Chinese music on the soundtrack. Dishes are brought to your table one at a time, allowing the meal to develop its won rhythm. There are almost a hundred items on the menu, all of them are credible. We’ve never had a better spring roll. the dumplings are generously stuffed and the MooShu pork is so good you won’t be satisfied anywhere else. The Ginger Beef, the Kung Boa dishes (meat, shrimp or beansprouts in a peaut sauce with fresh vegetables), the lemon chicken and the Beijing noodles all have their admirers. Notice how the spices are layered: nothing is what it seems, nothing is simple, but nothing is too dense or too dark. Cheelin is inexhaustible and we ourselves have hardly begun to sample its virtues.